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Electrosmog in the workplace what employers can do

Many employees are in the company for many hours and take care of the day-to-day business . During this time you are under the influence of electrosmog .

In almost every office, the employee can access the Internet via wireless LAN - very convenient, but is it also conducive to productivity and the work performed by the employee ?

The goal of every entrepreneur should be to make the workplace as attractive as possible, not only with beautiful plants , snack machines or free drinks , but also through measures that eliminate or harmonize the interference fields .

Another right  hard day in the office

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

"Wow, that was another busy day in the office"

"I'm really broken when I come out of the office"

These are phrases that are heard frequently. Often one is subjectively of the opinion that the exhaustion in the office comes from the hard work or from the constant concentration .

Many studies show the opposite

If you stay in the office for 8 hours , surrounded by electrosmog , this environment puts a strain on the employee and, secondarily, on the family , since the exhaustion is carried home.

Reduction of sick days after identification of radiation sources

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

Allianz Handwerker Services GmbH has carried out a measure for its 750 office workplaces and successfully reduced electrosmog , with astonishing success .

Sick leave fell from 5% to 3%

The success of this measure is also due to the advice given to the employees for your home .

" Many employees have changed the way they use their home W-LAN or DECT telephone and are much more aware of the effects of electromagnetic fields"

Norbert Bierbaum-Hillejan (First Chairman of the Management Board of Allianz Handwerker Services.

Absenteeism Report: Burnout incidence increased dramatically

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

The number of days of incapacity for work (AU days) due to a "burn out" has increased dramatically over the past nine years .

This is the result of the absenteeism report 2019

Accordingly, the AU days due to the diagnosis group Z73 decreased per 1000 AOK members between 2009 and 2018

51.2 to 120.5 days 

and thus more than double .

Compared to the previous year, their number increased by 3.8 days in 2018 .

oxidative stress

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

Müller , Bieger, von Baehr and Baur found the following changes in the

Cell function determined:

  1. Oxidative cell stress (ROS)

  2. Reduction of the status of the body's own antioxidants

  3. Reduction of ATP production (energy supply of the mitochondria)

  4. Disorders in the neuroendocrine stress axis

Among other things, environmental noxae are listed as triggers for these reactions :

EMF (electromagnetic fields)

Psychological stress and toxic environmental toxins lead to oxidative stress = cell stress in interaction.

This is an explanatory model for the increase in burnout .

source: environmental medical society 4/2012

Extending the lifespan of free radicals

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

The pathological cascade is amplified by electromagnetic fields ,

because even very small strengths of electromagnetic fields affect chemical reactions and the lifetime of

free radicals

will be extended .

(Brocklehurst et al. 1996, Warnke 2009, Neitzke 2012).

This is how you optimize the working environment of your employees

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

Carry out an awareness campaign for your employees , that's how you donate

Added value times factor 2 You enlighten your employees , and they serve as a multiplier and bring the new knowledge home with them.

  • Find the sources of radiation in your office and record them

  • Run an analysis

  • Reduce radiation sources

An investment that is definitely worth it - it is guaranteed to have an effect and your employees will find it very convenient 😊

Productive employees  = Increasing the profitability of the company

Electrosmog at work what employers can do Blog post aalance

It is a well-known fact that small changes work wonders .

Reduce electrical stress

and you create a clear working atmosphere for the most valuable thing in your company:

your employees

The advantages are obvious:


  • More motivated

  • Fewer sick days

  • Better results

  • Better atmosphere at work

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