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Electrosmog and pregnancy

Pregnancy and electrosmog is a topic that expectant mothers are increasingly concerned with. It's not surprising either, because the intensity and networking is becoming ever greater. Everything should be connected. Everything is very smart, modern and time-saving. But as we all know, there are always two sides of the coin.

What does high-frequency radiation mean for a pregnant woman who creates a new life?

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

Expectant mothers should exercise increased caution ...

High-frequency fields generated by WiFi or mobile data from smartphones affect biological organisms in different ways.

It influences the processes in the nerves and body cells . Since electromagnetic fields penetrate almost every tissue, they logically affect the baby directly in the case of an expectant mother .

Because the unborn baby does not yet have a sufficient endogenous protective mechanism , it is exposed to high-frequency as well as low-frequency Fields (W-LAN / smartphone / smartphone devices) fully hit.

That is why expectant mothers should protect themselves in particular, since they are not only responsible for themselves, but also for the life to come , what they bring into the world.

radiation sources

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

Every family, every household is surrounded by radiation sources today :


-Induction cooker

-Smart home devices (ALEXA & co)

-radio alarm clock



In addition, the more devices at home are networked with each other, the effects are amplifying.

So if 5 smart home devices are all connected, the radiation is accumulated and it becomes stronger overall and logically affects the body with a higher intensity .

Electrosmog during pregnancy increases the risk of asthma in the child

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

Many research groups now agree that excessive exposure to radiation during pregnancy ,

can lead to increased health problems in the child .

There are many studies that establish a connection between asthma and electrosmog during pregnancy .

Other symptoms are e.g. B. a delayed or slower development of the child and a weaker immune system . Lower weights are also often observed during births.

Pregnancy and the effects caused by electrosmog

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

High-frequency fields not only hit the skin, but also go through muscles, skin layers and sometimes bones.

These then act deep in the body and also reach deeper nerve tracts, the heart and brain area .

In this context, scientists assume that babies in a mother's womb are affected by the effects of electrosmog .

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

The risk here is that the baby is only protected from external influences by the womb during pregnancy .

The bones of the child are logically not yet or insufficiently developed.

Electromagnetic fields can therefore easily interfere with the baby 's biological processes .

Certainly, it also depends on genetics, but expectant mothers should be strongly advised to take precautionary measures during pregnancy .

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

dr De-Kun Li of the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute based in Oakland (California) examined 1063 pregnant women.

Special measuring devices were placed on the pregnant women at various intervals . These measuring devices have determined the exposure to low-frequency radiation .

These values ​​were then used to determine the course of pregnancy and child development .

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

This large-scale experiment speaks for itself and clarifies the risks associated with low-frequency exposure to electrosmog :

The risk of miscarriage in women with high exposure to electromagnetic fields was 50% higher than in the low-exposure group of pregnant women .

Pregnant women need to protect themselves

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

This is such a significant deviation that it can no longer be said to be a coincidence .

The risk of miscarriage increases during pregnancy due to exposure to low-frequency radiation.

Now if we realize that

W-LAN already works in the high-frequency range, it actually only illustrates the importance of protecting women during pregnancy and in general in the life of children and adolescents .

Electrosmog and pregnancy blog post aalance

During development and beyond, the child needs protection from high-frequency fields.

The big problem of today is that there is hardly a word about this topic in the media because it would be to the disadvantage of the mobile phone industry and the operators.

It is all the more important to develop awareness and to inform oneself independently.

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