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Revealed: Children are more exposed to microwave radiation than adults

Children are already exposed to microwave radiation in the womb from smartphones, DECT telephones, W-LAN and now also from smart home applications, all of which work via wireless radio

Nice to know: The more wireless devices are networked with each other, the stronger the effects of the radiation

At a young age, children receive a smartphone from their parents, with which children expose themselves to enormous stress.

More and more schools are looking to advance digital learning, where wireless devices will be used and children will be exposed to radio frequency radiation throughout the day.

This article is about why children are more exposed to cell phone radiation, I'm sure this article will open your eyes.

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It already starts in the growth process

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

When the child is growing, the so-called cell division takes place much more frequently than in a person who is already fully grown. And during this cell division, the cells are particularly sensitive and vulnerable.

In addition, the current limit values ​​have not been adjusted since 1996, but at the same time the expansion of mobile communications has progressed many times over and we are in the middle of the digital revolution, where an increasingly dense network of devices that work via radio is affecting people. It was also not taken into account that children absorb much more radiation than adults.

Nice to know: The limit values ​​were set by institutions that do not have a medical but an industrial background.

But even the manufacturers of smartphones issue warnings that end devices should be carried at a certain distance from the body, otherwise the limit values ​​could be exceeded.

The user should only use the iPhone with a headset and carry it 10 mm away from the body.

Cell damage has already been proven

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

An experiment at Yale University showed that when mice were fetuses exposed to microwaves from a cell phone, they had impaired memory and tended to become hyperactive because of altered neurodevelopment.

The symptoms have resembled those of children suffering from hyperactivity.

Many studies have already pointed to the risk of breast cancer in young women who constantly wear their smartphones in their bras.


The higher absorption of microwave radiation in children


Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

The higher absorption of microwave radiation in children

Children absorb microwave radiation more than adults.

A 1996 report revealed that microwave radiation penetrates the brain of a child aged 5-10 much deeper than that of an adult.

Joe Wiart, a senior scientist at Orange, reported that children's brain tissue absorbs at least twice as much microwave radiation as adults.

A study from 2009 showed that children's central nervous system absorbs radiofrequency radiation much more because the skin and bone layers are much thinner.

In terms of time, these investigations are already a few years old, at the same time the expansion of mobile communications has increased significantly and the burden on people has multiplied.

Time for a pause for thought...


industry and lobby

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

It is interesting to note that when there is robust research showing that microwave radiation poses health risks, there are also studies being published, funded and published by the cell phone industry, that put those claims into perspective and portray it benignly.

It is important to know at this point that the lobby and industry almost always hide behind the limit values, which only have a thermal effect on human tissue and nothing else.


Permeability of the blood-brain barrier and risks of brain tumors are increasing.

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

A study from Sweden reported that the risk of a brain tumor increases when phone behavior is started early and the brain tumor develops on the same side where the phone was preferred.

Many studies have also pointed out the permeability of the blood-brain barrier , which is increased by constant interaction with smartphones and telephone calls in the head area.

Toys for children of a digital nature

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

Many parents appreciate it when the toddler can do something meaningful. Tablet PCs with touchscreens are often used, where games are installed on them.

Many games require operation via W-LAN , and even if this is not the case, most tablet PCs or even smartphones are automatically connected to the home W-LAN .

The toddler , who is now playing a game specified by the parents on the tablet PC , is under constant exposure to high-frequency radiation , which affects the toddler.

The paradox is that most of the manufacturer's operating instructions specify a minimum distance for tablet PCs , otherwise the limit values ​​will be exceeded.

Question: Who is responsible for maintaining the minimum distance from the end devices, the child or the parents?


Devices that emit microwave radiation:

(Smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, DECT phones, W-LAN, smart home devices)

Are especially dangerous for children.

  • 1: Children absorb microwave radiation more than adults


  • Myth 2: Fetuses are even more sensitive to microwave radiation than children, so pregnant women need to be particularly careful.


  • 3: Adolescent girls should under no circumstances carry their smartphone in their bra or hijab.


  • 4: The warnings / recommendations in the user manuals of the end device manufacturers make it clear once again that there is a health risk.


  • 5: Toys that run on WiFi are nothing more than high-frequency antennas that emit microwaves in the high range. Children should not use it.


  • 6: Whether governments or manufacturers issue warnings or not, most people still think that microwave radiation is harmless. Many also dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.


  • 7: The current limit values ​​are not based on health, but are of a technical nature and only refer to the heating of human body tissue.


omissions and cover-ups


Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog


The Federal Government and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection are silent on the studies and works published so far .

Authorities emphatically affirm that there are no health risks to children from exposure to microwave radiation . But the firmness with which they back up their statements is built on quicksand .

Because before the advent of mobile phones , there were already critical voices.

Russia had the best research on the long-term effects of electromagnetic fields.

In the mid- 1990s, the Federal Ministry for Telecommunications commissioned Prof. Hecht to analyze and elaborate this work from Russia .

The very explosive findings and results of these studies have disappeared in the archive . The studies are now in the brochure of the competence initiative

"Consequences of the long-term effects of electrosmog" by Karl Hecht.

The "Radiation Protection Guidelines" (2005) are criticized by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and the general legal basis for radiation protection in the case of non-ionizing radiation is questioned.

Attention was also drawn to the health risks that excessive radiation exposure has on humans and the population.

The wireless industry protested these guidelines and they are no longer valid .

Jürgen Trittin , then Environment Minister of the Green Party from 1998 to 2005, and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection planned that before the advent of mobile phones, studies should clarify whether children are exposed to a higher health risk than adults in terms of exposure to mobile phone radiation .

A feasibility study was then commissioned and presented to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection in 2005 .

The study confirmed the risk potential.

Urgent research into the risks of cell phones was recommended because there was reason to believe that cell phones posed an increased risk to children .

The Radiation Protection Commission then very quickly defused these warnings and put everything into perspective. A year and a half later in December 2006 , after the feasibility study , the Radiation Protection Commission issued a 33-page statement:

"Mobile phones and children"

This Opinion reaffirms the questions raised in the feasibility study , even though the recommended research projects have not been carried out.

In your view, there is no cause for concern.

This is utterly ridiculous on closer inspection and reflects the close connection between the mobile industry and the government.


True to the motto:


"Nothing has been examined, and therefore nothing exists, and so that we don't find anything, we won't examine anything either"


As we can see from the opinions of the Radiation Protection Commission , it puts it into perspective or evades the questions that are put to it. The authorities follow this behavior to this day. A well-known statement by the Radiation Protection Commission:


"There is no reliable evidence"


Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog

Behind this statement , however, is the admission that research is available and proves the risks , but these do not have to be taken seriously.

These risks are in competition with the concept of expectation and would mean a drop in sales for the mobile phone industry , so it is no longer a burden. However, what is reliable are all the reports that are "designed" by the industry and give the all-clear, such as the study financed by T-Mobile Germany:


Children's health and RF EMF exposure"

(2009, Wiedemann, Schütz, Borner, Berg-Beckhoff, Croft, Lerchl, Martens, Neubauer, Regel, Repacholi )

This comes to the conclusion that there are no health risks for children at all. The incorporation of these authors, who dispose of the risk for the benefit of industry and the authorities, is well documented.

Warning notices from the Radiation Protection Office in very small print.

Particularly high risks for children from radiation exposure from smartphones and W-LAN aalance blog


However, the authorities are aware of the risk, but as already mentioned, they are acting in the interests of the mobile phone industry . But you still have to protect yourself.

The small print on the website of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection warns of the risks in the hope and certainty that nobody will look there.

Since the use of smartphones begins at an increasingly younger age and research can never rule out the possibility that there is a health risk , albeit a small one , advises Jung (Head of the Department of Radiation Protection and Health at the BfS) to observe the following tips so that radiation exposure is reduced as much as possible remains low:

  • Disable “cellular data connections” on your child’s smartphone. This means that it can be reached by phone and played offline on the go. If you absolutely want to play online on your smartphone, you should do so at home via a WLAN connection. With W-LAN, the transmission power is usually lower than with the mobile radio standards UMTS, GSM or LTE.

  • Avoid checking email while on the phone. The less background data traffic, the lower the radiation exposure.

  • If you or your child carry the smartphone on your body, make sure you observe the minimum distance specified by the manufacturer. Use the carrying accessories that come with it."


plain text

This article should now be an eye opener for anyone who still thinks that microwave radiation is safe. All studies and information can be easily verified on the Internet.

Parents should obtain the necessary information and take preventive measures on how to reduce exposure to microwave radiation.

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