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Field report CHI-Mobil

Personal field report CHI-Mobil

You probably know it too, long layovers at the airport because we have a connecting flight. I would now like to share with you how the CHI-Mobile helped me to get the "electrosmog" under control during my last stopover at Istanbul Airport.

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For professional reasons I had to travel to Georgia for four days. So I started from Hamburg Airport and had to catch my connecting flight via Turkey International Airport (IST) . I had a 12 hour layover there .

This stay was groundbreaking for me, as you will soon find out.

Personal field report CHI-Mobil

The Istanbul Airport. An airport of superlatives.

Since I had a lot of time, I first got an overview. I was looking for a place to work so I could use the time wisely. I saw a coffee lounge with a great opportunity to work.

Personal field report CHI-Mobil

I reached the lounge. Meanwhile, I felt an ever-increasing pressure centered on my head area . I knew immediately what was going on here. There was a high level of radiation , which was additionally intensified by all the W-LAN hotspots . However, at first I didn't know how to deal with it, and what's more, spending a full 12 hours in this airport. Unfortunately, it was not possible to leave the airport at this time because it was outside the city.

I've never experienced anything like this before . I informed myself about this airport with the aim of finding out why there is such a high level of “electrosmog” here. I found what I was looking for:

Personal field report CHI-Mobil

So the new 5G technology was recently introduced here. 20 times faster than 4G and therefore an extreme increase in radiation . For me it was an eye-opening moment that showed me that most people do not recognize the connection between physical ailments and "electrosmog". We cannot smell, touch or taste it. These factors make it so incredibly complex.

I observed the people around me. Many of you seemed very excited. A service point employee put his hands in his face several times, he seemed to be very overwhelmed .


Then something incredible happened


So I sat in the lounge and worked. The CHI mobile was always at my side. Since the pressure was concentrated on my head area , I tried something that worked wonders .


Personal field report CHI-Mobil

I just held the CHI-Mobile to the back of my head . After about 2-3 minutes this pressure, which came from the increased radiation , simply went away. I felt so relieved to finally have control back. I think for each of us such a moment would be just beautiful , right?

I wanted to share this experience with you because it showed me the amazing power of the CHI Mobil . Protection from 5G in an environment with increased radiation is now more important than ever. Share my testimonial with people you care about .

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