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Symptoms of illness triggered by electrosmog

Excessive intensity due to electrosmog not only impairs performance , but also promotes general symptoms of illness .

Numerous studies and reports from doctors have proven that too much radiation has physical, mental and emotional consequences .

The following symptoms are often observed:

  • sleep disorders

  • Delayed Response Time

  • lack of concentration

  • high blood pressure

  • depressions

  • DNA damage

  • Reduction of melatonin

  • headache

  • brain tumors

  • damage to sperm

An intensifying cycle

Blog post aalance Disease symptoms triggered by electrosmog

Many people are constantly feeling unwell

  • inner conflict

  • bustle

  • stress

  • thought carousels

The ever- increasing mobile communications and the ever-increasing expansion of the networking of "things" reinforces this even more, and the person concerned often looks in the wrong place or suppresses the symptoms with medication .

Melatonin deficiency as a result of too much radiation:

Blog post aalance Disease symptoms triggered by electrosmog

Sleep disorders are very common in the western world . exhaustion (burnout) increased irritability,

Conflicts within the family and a

"not resting"

are very often related to poor sleep quality .

For example, if you are exposed to increased stress from electrosmog in the office and this stress continues after work until you go to sleep , the production of melatonin is inhibited and the melatonin level is negatively influenced .

If this cycle goes on for a long time, it is very easy for life to get out of balance and the well-known symptoms appear . Additionally , melatonin is responsible for scavenging free radicals that promote disease . If the quality of sleep is disturbed, this process is interrupted.

Blog post aalance Disease symptoms triggered by electrosmog

If possible, make sure to avoid sources of radiation after the office or after work .

Especially before going to bed , constantly looking at your smartphone or PC screen is not beneficial.

It interferes with the formation of melatonin and makes it harder to rest.

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