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Why telephoning on the head is so dangerous

dr Dietrich Klinghardt , one of the most renowned therapists in alternative medicine, said the following in a lecture on the effects of cell phone radiation :

Cell phone radiation damages the brain and makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable to toxins.

Why is that?

And why do we keep seeing people on the road who don't even notice this unknown danger?

blood brain barrier

Why calling on the head is so dangerous blog post aalance

The brain itself is a very complex system, it is densely wired with neurons and has practically no room for an immune system , i.e. a defense mechanism.

When germs or toxins enter the brain, there is virtually no defense the brain can use to defend itself. Our blood-brain barrier in the brain is the barrier between blood and the central nervous system . Only certain substances can get into the brain through the cells that lie against the outside of the vessel wall .

The brain is protected from harmful substances , pathogens and toxins.

Significant risks from telephoning in the head area

Why calling on the head is so dangerous blog post aalance

Once the blood-brain barrier is breached , the brain breaks down. It is now known that mobile phone radiation ensures that the blood-brain barrier is opened and toxins, germs and bacteria penetrate the brain that would never actually find their way into the brain.

But once toxins and germs are in the brain, they cause a lot of damage, since the brain has practically no defense mechanism, as described at the beginning. If there is permeability of the blood-brain barrier due to too much telephoning in the head-ear area, inflammation of the brain, nervous diseases and tumors develop.

Unfortunately, many people still think that this is all made up out of thin air. But is it really?

The images below are food for thought:

A cross-section of a healthy rat brain


Why calling on the head is so dangerous blog post aalance

And here you can see the initial healthy brain after prolonged exposure to a cell phone.

Why calling on the head is so dangerous blog post aalance

These black spots are deposits and precursors to Alzheimer's . This is already what many young people 's brains look like when they are constantly interacting with their cell phones.

Symptoms such as behavioral problems or memory loss appear.

However, constant telephoning in the head area leads to early dementia in the long term .

Reduce the risk of cell phone radiation

Why calling on the head is so dangerous blog post aalance

There are very simple things YOU can do starting now to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.

  • Use the loudspeaker when making calls

  • Turn off the location feature

  • Use a wired headset

  • Avoid using a hands-free device via Bluetooth when driving

  • Only use your mobile data when you need it

Congratulation :-)

With these simple measures you have taken preventive measures.

See you soon

Marvin :-)

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