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How do I protect my child from electrosmog? Parents need to know...

Nowadays it is probably the exception that there are no electronic devices in German children's rooms .

With my super tips you can protect your offspring from electrosmog:

Just imagine that you would
suffer from the typical symptoms associated with excessive exposure to electrosmog :

Headaches / tiredness / increased irritability and much more

if we transfer this to a child and are unsure of the effect
Electrosmog affects the development of a child , we have to take preventive measures.

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Strong radiation from baby monitors:

How do I protect my child from electrosmog? aalance blog

Baby monitors are anything but useful for a child. Because baby monitors often send with strong pulsed radio technology , as well as smartphones or DECT cordless phones . Especially for a newborn, which needs almost permanent rest and relaxation , this is generally NOT recommended.

Please use a device with a low
Intensity and one that has no range control .

The distance between the baby monitor and the cot should be as large as possible. This must also be observed for models that are supplied via the socket. Cordless devices are much better because they also reduce electrical fields on the power pack.

Instead, check on the child at regular intervals.

night lights:

how do I protect my child from electrosmog blog post| aalance

Choose a model with a warm light

Electrosmog is generally not an issue for night lights that are one meter away from the child – and certainly not for night lights with a rechargeable battery.

Use a warm light model. a cold,
bluish , bright light can negatively affect the child's sleep and regeneration, as it blocks melatonin production , which is responsible for falling asleep .

Which lighting is best?

Do not use energy-saving lamps or
fluorescent tubes . The quality of light is poor , these types of lamps cause much more electrosmog than, for example , PC screens - and unfortunately they don't save as much energy as promised by the manufacturers .

Use halogen lamps instead. Although the power consumption is slightly higher than the energy-saving bulbs, the light quality is much better and they last much longer than the incandescent bulbs we used to know. CAUTION :
Low-voltage halogen lamps with a transformer should be avoided as they create magnetic fields .

The use of LED lamps is still highly controversial and there are many opinions. But what is a fact is that LED lamps have an unnatural light color. Avoid using LED lamps on your child .

Smartphones and Tablets:

how do I protect my child from electrosmog blog post| aalance

Children are generally still developing, and under no circumstances should this be interrupted or disturbed by artificial influences.

I strongly recommend that you give your child a smartphone , if at all, with deactivated mobile data , the influence of electrosmog on a child can have a wide variety of effects , which parents do not want to imagine for their child .

If you give your child a smartphone when you are out and about, you can take a closer look at the ➜ CHI mobile . It reduces the burden of electrosmog on the go. See also my ➜ field report at Istanbul Airport .

Electrosmog and play equipment:

How do I protect my child from electrosmog blog post | aalance

The so-called smart toys such as dolls that speak or other networked "intelligent toys" are usually operated via an app or voice command .

When children play with these toys, they are under the influence of magnetic fields (electrosmog) , because in most cases these smart toys are controlled via WLAN and/or Bluetooth .

In order to reduce the load in the living room , parents should switch off the WLAN . There are many people who think they should only use WiFi when they really need it.

In my opinion, the WLAN should not be used at all . Accessing the Internet via cable is by far the best way we have left.

Power strip:

How do I protect my child from electrosmog blog post | aalance

Basically: Where a lot of electricity flows, a lot is created Electrosmog . Use a power strip as far away from it as possible
child away. the high and low frequency Fields increase with distance
to their source away. To the radiation in the nursery to reduce completely
you can also do that main switch turn it off.

We live in a world of many things
seem better than they actually are. We humans pay a high price for the convenience of technology. This price is not always reflected in our wallets, but in the form of surveillance, data transfer and a health impairment from radio frequency radiation.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

See you soon

Marvin :-)

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