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Hand in hand ...

Together with innovative companies around the world, we have developed a range of products that not only meets our internal standards, but also enjoys a worldwide reputation among researchers and experts. This means that we only stock articles in our selection that enjoy a high degree of trust from us and our customers. The feedback from our community confirms our selection of the best solutions.

We are in constant contact with leading experts from the disciplines of health radiation protection, research and development. We regularly keep you up to date on the latest developments and findings and offer you access to expert interviews and the research results of the developers and manufacturers.

In the field of radiation protection for health, we see clear gaps in information policy and in educating society. Just as fast as the technologies develop, the technological development should be examined for health risks and possible protective measures just as conscientiously. In order to close this gap, we offer you our consulting service, which you can easily book here . Anyone who is aware of the possible risks and side effects can make independent and conscious decisions about their own health. This need for awareness is different in every person. We provide the basis for everyone to be able to obtain in-depth information and take the necessary protective measures.