Collection: This is how they protect themselves

In general

  • Use devices in the home that emit low levels of radiation - these devices should be wired

  • Remove electronic devices such as smart home applications (e.g. Alexa), which are often controlled via WiFi, from children and bedrooms. Use mains circuit breakers and shielded cables.

  • Cordless telephones such as DECT or baby monitors that work via radio should be avoided

  • Smartphones and tablets should not be used close to the head or lying on the stomach. In general, the field strength of the devices decreases with distance.

  • Smartphones should not be given out to children

  • You can connect your PC and laptop with a LAN cable instead of W-LAN. With a LAN cable you achieve a high degree of shielding. When using a LAN cable, make sure to deactivate the WLAN function on your router and on your PC or laptop. Also think about your surroundings - your neighbors can also be affected by electromagnetic radiation.

  • Use reflective building materials! If you can influence the building materials of your home, you should use steel-concrete constructions and/or clay. These reflect the radiation of high-frequency fields.

  • When buying tablets, smart home TVs, printers, laptops and PCs, note that WLANs and the Bluetooth function are often automatically activated. Deactivate them and use them only with specific application

  • Get used to not using the mobile Internet, for example with your smartphone on the go or with your tablet or surf stick . This radiation from the mobile Internet is much higher than when you make a phone call, for example, because a lot more data is transmitted and accessed here. The connection via cable is trump here!

  • Place the smartphone in the stroller only in airplane mode and away from the child's body, for example in a bag. When you go to sleep only in airplane mode or off. The alarm function is retained on most smartphones.

  • The operation of baby monitors , W-LAN, smartphones and cordless telephones (DECT) should not be activated near your sleeping place. These are all sources of electromagnetic radiation that have a great impact on the quality of your sleep and that of your children.

  • Especially in large cities there are many sources of radiation that have a permanent impact on people's lives. (5G, W-LAN, Bluetooth, DECT phones). A measurement by a specialist can be a first approach to get a clear picture and to take appropriate measures


In addition, applies

  • There are many people who are particularly hypersensitive to electrosmog, and often these people don't even know what the actual cause is. Expectant mothers, i.e. pregnant women, children and adolescents in development, and sick people are particularly affected. Be careful and limit sources of radiation whenever you can. Smart home applications in particular reinforce each other, the more devices are controlled via W-LAN.

  • In many industries there are many companies that are little or not at all informed about the effects and consequences of electrosmog and the possibilities of prevention. If you have a business and employ employees, think through measures to reduce the sources of electromagnetic fields as much as possible and what alternative solutions there are for you. If you are an employee, you can, for example, seek dialogue with occupational health protection or the works council and make suggestions for improvement.