• Test procedures and backgrounds

    Background information on the CHI power plug and how it reduces exposure to electrosmog.

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  • Test procedures and backgrounds

    Background information on the CHI-Mobil and how it provides a noticeable improvement in an environment burdened by electrosmog.

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  • Test procedures and backgrounds

    Background information on the EMF balancing sticker and how head pressure and lack of concentration can be compensated for by using it.

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chi-energy-products have been supporting well-being since 2006, harmonize the living environment and are completely maintenance-free. They reduce the burden of environmental influences - especially electromagnetic radiation. The development and manufacture of products and solutions are based on extensive knowledge of astrophysics, biophysics and quantum physics and the sciences, especially from Asia. chi-energy-products are made in Germany and come with a 5-year functional guarantee.

How does the CHI technology work?


Protons and electrons not only have energy and mass, they also cause vibrations. These vibrations develop as a result of the rotation around its own axis (spin) and the respective "staggering radius". Just as the earth does not clearly rotate around its own axis, but is unstable in all of its movements and processes, so too do the earth "stagger". smallest parts in the form of a double cone (precession).

In our circuit, the protons and electrons oscillate in a completely chaotic, disorderly manner and with a very high charge. This increases as more devices are connected to the circuit. This then leads to the vibration emitted to the environment being intense and inharmonious (electrosmog). As a result, counterclockwise torsion springs (eddy currents) develop. When these chaotic vibrations affect the BIO system, the body fights back with stress symptoms - these stress symptoms can vary depending on how sensitive someone is to these vibrations. Animals and plants react to electrosmog. The water in the body cells is the “receptive medium”, because water is highly sensitive and has the capacity to be stored.

The CHI power plug ensures that the rotating protons and electrons interact with its waves. The spins then align themselves in the copper cable according to the given direction, which the CHI power plug initiates. At the same time, the "staggering movement" of all particles is reduced. The result is "coherent spin alignment". Destructive vibrations are reversed and a harmonious clockwise vibratory field is created.

Everything is vibration!

This statement is supported by many scientific works. According to Hans-Peter Dürr, physicist and former director of the Max Planck Institute, strictly speaking there are no electrons and no atomic nucleus. He explains that they are only vibrational figures.

An enigmatic universal power

If we follow the knowledge of astrophysics, it is about an energy that makes up 70% of our universe. It is an energy that cannot be explained by conventional physical theories. To date, there are no measuring instruments with which this energy can be measured, because it lies outside the electromagnetic spectrum and is therefore not scientifically provable. In order to deal with this energy anyway, we can look at the effects and take a holistic approach. In ancient Eastern traditions, the cosmic energy is central. Here one speaks of prana, CHI or QI, while modern physics speaks of orgone, vacuum energy, space energy, free energy or zero-point energy, which is also understood as omnipresent, non-manifest energy.

CHI - the energy of all things

Even if this approach is less scientific, with a holistic understanding we can consult additional explanatory models. While science in Western cultures strives for more analytical work, we can observe predominantly holistic methods of observation in research in Eastern cultures, whereby we are currently experiencing a convergence of both ways of working. The holistic approach describes Chi energy as the substance that makes up the entire universe, both physically and spiritually, as vital energy, life force, or an all-pervading cosmic spirit that is unformed and constantly changing. Traditional knowledge is more geared towards healing and effectiveness than gaining objective knowledge, as we know it from modern science. It is enough to perceive the effect of Qi in the world and deal with the effects. The existence of such an energy is not scientifically proven

chi-energy-products - old and new knowledge come together

Through the knowledge of this energy from ancient Eastern tradition and modern Western science, a market has emerged that strives to use this knowledge for people. The focus is on the health sector. The company "chi-energy-products" has taken up the challenge of offering help in the field of electromagnetism. The term electromagnetism stands for magnetic fields generated by electric currents . The Duden definition reads: The entirety of all phenomena in which electric currents and magnetic fields are linked. Our organism can only perceive the effects of electric current, unlike light or heat. It is not uncommon for our body to experience a disruption in its own biological processes due to the higher voltage of external electricity.

chi-energy-products are made entirely in Germany.

They swing into the cosmic energy - CHI energy and harmonize the field. Thus, the disharmonious fields are brought into harmony. The cosmic energy that is made available to the body via energized products has a fundamentally positive and ordering effect. The energy level rises , self-healing powers are strengthened and the atmosphere becomes clearer and more harmonious. Sensitive people can feel it too.

Energization as a quantum physical process

When energizing, we use knowledge that the ancient master builders already knew: By using certain geometric figures, proportions and units of measurement (sacred geometry), they created temples, pyramids or cathedrals with a constantly high vibration and a very high degree of harmonic order. A similar thing happens during energization, when the product materials – such as silicon or silver – are submolecularly permanently changed in a technical apparatus that we have constructed ourselves. They then act like an antenna or a resonance body of cosmic energy.

Energizing as information transmission

The field of cosmic ether energy is without polarity, hence the name "zero-point energy", it is neutral, so to speak. However, this field vibrates differently in a Hindu temple than in a Gothic cathedral. The cosmic energy is no longer neutral in its coupling. Because it is shaped by the location, the symbols, colors, prayers and the people present. It gets a specific mental "aroma". The same applies to the energizing process. The coupled cosmic energy receives an imprint from the environment of the energizing system and from the people who operate this apparatus. It needs a meditative and natural working atmosphere. Experience shows that it is difficult to cleanly energize materials at a location, perhaps in the middle of a busy commercial area. That is why chi-energy-products works for many years in a remote thatched house at the mouth of the Elbe - surrounded by old fruit trees and with "poor" mobile phone reception. Optimal conditions.

Energizing with special frequencies
The openness and shapeability of the cosmic energy, when it becomes manifest through the energizing process, can be used to purposefully oscillate special vibration patterns and frequencies into the products, such as rose quartz or shungite. This requires a high sense of responsibility, broad medical knowledge and a lot of experience in radiesthetic testing. When it comes to energizing with special frequencies, what applies to homeopathy also applies here: more is not necessarily better and one thing has to match the other. The selection of these special frequencies is a very sensitive process, which, with the products presented here, happens consciously in contact with the light forces of the spiritual world.

Everything depends on God's blessing

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