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    Protection against electrosmog, water energizing and increasing the body's own energy are topics that we humans inevitably have to deal with today. ambition.life Made in Switzerland offers a variety of applications that people can use to increase their attitude towards life. Here, for example, the HARMONEI® 3.0 would make sense, which reduces electrosmog in your home and creates a noticeably more pleasant atmosphere for you.

  • Test procedures and backgrounds

    Studies and test methods on HARMONEI® 3.0 All studies carried out are available for download.

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Electrosmog - is it really harmful?

Watch the video and learn how the HARMONEI® 3.0 can support you in harmonizing electrosmog.

  • ✓ Based on CHI technology

    ✓ Increased Bovis units

    ✓ 5G optimized

    ✓ Works without electricity

    ✓ 5 year functional guarantee

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How does harmoniei® 3.0 work?

The harmonei® 3.0 is connected to the power supply via ground. The spins of the electrons and protons are aligned in the power grid. The new alignment harmonises the stressful radiation from the devices connected to the network, as well as the external sources for the body.

Why does harmonei® 3.0 not have an IGEF certificate?

The IGEF guidelines do not correspond to the principles of ambition life. It was therefore decided to carry out test procedures with doctors. In this way, concrete and independent reports could be drawn up.

After connecting the harmonei® 3.0, did you feel a slight headache or discomfort?

Some clients living in high radiation environments report initial nervousness. However, this usually subsides within a short period of time. The reason is the reorganization and harmonization of interference fields.

Do you need several harmonei® 3.0 for spacious apartments / houses?

The harmonei® 3.0 is designed for an area of ​​up to 120 square meters. It makes sense to use one harmonei® 3.0 per connector. Place the harmonei® 3.0 in a central location where you spend most of your time.

What is the difference between harmonei® 3.0 and the CHI power plug?

The harmonei® 3.0 uses the innovative technology of the CHI power plug, the harmonei® 3.0 is only designed for around 30 - 40 square meters more space. With the harmonei® 3.0 you have all the positive properties of the CHI power plug, only a little stronger.

Does harmonei® 3.0 also work with 5G?

The effect of harmonei® 3.0 has been increased. It offers sufficient protection for the 5G technology.

How long does harmoniei® 3.0 last?

5 years. You can then send in your harmonei® 3.0 for inspection.

Can I use the harmoniei® 3.0 in other countries, e.g. E.g. use USA or Great Britain?

The harmonei® 3.0 can be used with an adapter in other power networks (USA, Switzerland, GB) without any problems.

Am I also protected from smart meter radiation?

The harmonei® 3.0 harmonizes and eliminates interference in rooms and circuits, thus also noticeably reducing the destructive effect of smart meters.

Does the harmonei® 3.0 protect against mobile phone radiation?

Cell phone radiation and W-LAN radiation are also harmonized in the vicinity of the harmonei® 3.0.

Does the harmonei® 3.0 require an adjustment period?

The harmonei® 3.0 needs 7 to 14 days to get used to it, depending on the level of radiation exposure in the area.

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