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Radiation protection solutions with the aim of improving your well-being For more than 20 years, BAUER BIOTEC has been developing solutions that protect against exposure to electrosmog and geopathic interference fields (water veins and earth rays). Founded in 1997 by Friedrich Bauer with the aim of increasing people's well-being through this type of solution.

Through intensive collaboration with researchers and experts in alternative health, the GREEN 8® technology was created, which is used by many doctors and therapists around the world to neutralize the burden of EMF. Constant testing of the products and further development and adaptation to the higher loads are a guarantee of reliability. Whether in the office, traveling or in the car, with the radiation protection solutions from BAUER BIOTEC you have reliable protection against electrosmog.

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 GREEN-8® Technologie aalance

More balance, less stress

Man is an electromagnetic being and reacts to external frequencies with his vibrations. When body cells are disturbed by negative external influences, biological processes are thrown out of balance - body and mind react with stress. The GREEN-8® technology can neutralize the negative influences of interference fields.

The GREEN-8® technology is based on the principle of interference: the negative interference frequency is offset by a 180-degree shift. The emerging negative information is thus harmonized and neutralized - the body is de-stressed.

The phenomenon of destructive interference is also known from headphones that cancel out noise:

The noise levels from external sources and the sound wave generated by headphone speakers cancel each other out. The result is calm. In the context of the GREEN-8® technology, this means that the positive interferences overlay the stress and a harmonious energy is created.


neutralization and harmonization

The mode of action of the products TRANSFORMER and GREEN8 ® can be easily compared with the principles of homeopathy. A reaction takes place despite everything, although in a homeopathic preparation no molecule of the actual substance or any other ingredient can be followed analytically.

The effect is based on an energetic information model. Vibrations and fine material information are transmitted on a carrier material. This is comparable to storing data on a microchip.

All disoriented life processes are guided back into natural order and harmony by the information component.

Thus, the carrier material is not of great importance as a medium. The "Information Resonance Energies"
are thus transferred to the human organism and vibrate at the same frequency.

From a physical point of view, TRANSFORMER and GREEN8 ® do not reduce the radiation. However, they neutralize or harmonize the emissions on the basis of the corresponding information supply and promote biological compatibility.

This is also the reason why no physical measurements, e.g. B., are possible with an EMF meter. Commercially available EMF measuring devices have a different evaluation model and are unsuitable for alternative radiation protection solutions because they have different definitions from a scientific point of view.

Suitable measurements are easily possible using kinesiological or bioresonance methods and prove the effect of the GREEN8 ® technology.

Maximum effect for your well-being in a complex world

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    Noticeable relief

    Insomnia, restlessness and headaches are a thing of the past!

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    Physical relaxation and mental balance!

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    Better concentration

    Stress-free work and better regeneration

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What effects does electrosmog have on the human organism?

The artificially generated magnetic fields (electrosmog) have negative consequences and weaken the immune system.

Common effects are often, sleep disorders, restlessness, increased irritability and fatigue in everyday life. Reduced concentration and increased stress levels are also effects of excessive exposure to EMF.

The artificially generated magnetic fields (electrosmog) have negative consequences and weaken the immune system.

Common effects are often, sleep disorders, restlessness, increased irritability and fatigue in everyday life. Reduced concentration and increased stress levels are also effects of excessive exposure to EMF.

Why is a good energy balance more important today than ever?

Environmental pollution has increased in recent decades. Environmental toxins (toxins) and the expansion of mobile communications and digitization increase the burden on people. That is why it is important today to protect yourself from ever-increasing stress.

How do BAUER BIOTEC products work?

The electrosmog is neutralized - the radiation is neither shielded nor dissolved - and thus no longer has a negative effect on the body, but is made tolerable for the body.

The special feature is that the radiation is not only neutralized, but that a healthy energy quality is created through the application, which fully resonates with the stresses in the body.

How do I know? The complaints that were caused by a high level of exposure to electrosmog dissolve.

Who should use BAUER BIOTEC products?

Especially for people who are aware of the burden of too much electrosmog and are looking for a permanent solution to protect themselves.

How do I feel the effect?

Let's take your W-LAN router:

People in your home often suffer from the effects of high frequencies from the WiFi router. These ailments improve very quickly. In addition, the vitality increases to a healthy level.

Measured in Bovis units, the energy quality in most offices, houses and apartments is quite low.

BOVIS: 150 – 200

The minimum BOVIS value. should be 6,500, but is not reached anywhere. By using the TRANSFORMER 28-5G the user gets a Bovis value of 17,000-17,500 when correctly aligned to NORTH - we check and confirm. This BOVIS VALUE is responsible for the fact that most symptoms (sleep disorders, etc.) resolve themselves within 10-15 days. This is proven by the many test results from users all over the world.

How long will it take before I notice a difference?

Everyone has a different level of stress. However, the BAUER BIOTEC products usually help very quickly and bring noticeable results in a short time.

What products do you recommend to start with?

GREEN 8 evolution 5G For use with: smartphones / DECT phones / laptops

TRANSFORMER 22 -30 To be used with: up to 10 W-LANs in the area

TRANSFORMER 28-5G Applicable to: "The Flagship" particularly useful for:

W-LAN / water veins / interference fields / mobile phone masts / and for all external and internal influences

ESMOG – CLEARING CARD To be used with: An “instant radiation” for the body within 5-10 minutes.

Easy to carry in your pocket or purse.

How long do the products last?

The products themselves do not lose their effectiveness unless the protection factor is reduced as mobile phone technology advances.

Where is the best place to set up the TRANSFOMRER 28-5G?

Best on the floor or on a cupboard / shelf - where you can align the T-28 exactly to the NORTH and where the product does not bother you - dimensions: 35 x 35 x 10 mm

Installation instructions for the TRANSFORMER 28 5G?

Choose a non-disturbing place and point the TRANSFORMER 28 5G to the north. We can also check the NORTH alignment from a distance. For this we need your address.

How can I understand the difference between shielding and harmonization?

With a shield we try to eliminate the radiation. With harmonization, the harmful radiation no longer burdens the body and electronic devices can continue to be used.

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