Background knowledge on how the CHI-Mobil works

EMF protection on the go

The CHI mobile reduces electrical stress, which is becoming more and more common in our time. Mobile phone radiation, Smart Home and W-LAN are constants that we cannot conjure away. This is exactly why the CHI mobile was developed.

How does the CHI mobile work?

When the CHI-Mobile was developed, it was assumed that nowadays, above all, high-frequency mobile phone radiation and W-LAN are ubiquitous.

This permanent high-frequency radiation constantly sends individual data packets like an automatic rifle at an unimaginably high frequency.

For our body, this state of permanent long-term exposure to high-frequency fields is not intended for evolutionary reasons; our organism experiences this as stress and as a negative external influence of its highly complex regulatory processes.

The natural coherent vibration of all functions in our body is endangered. Our condition and our "mood" become irritated and more and more overexcited, imaginable like in an opera, where all the instruments play wildly at the same time.

The CHI-Mobil emits gentle impulses that bring the hydrogen protons in the surrounding air back into a coherent order. For this very reason, many people who use the CHI-Mobil often experience that when using the CHI-Mobil they move in a balanced, harmonious state, even if, for example, in an express train such as the ICE with a W-LAN compartment a lot working with the laptop.

The coherent impulses are then also absorbed by our own body water and can often develop very astonishing effects, because only coherent ones Body water (hexagonal) ensures the best possible cell metabolism. Body toxins are removed better and the body's own supply of oxygen is optimized to that effect. Against this background, it is not surprising that when using the CHI-Mobile, even a very long car ride is not tiring or if, for example, children can learn much better and with more concentration if they carry the CHI-Mobile with them.

The CHI mobile is based on quantum physics

Inside the CHI-Mobil is a quantum-physically processed ceramic block that harmonizes the effect of the EMF fields. From the quantum field (space energy), zero-point energy is constantly modulated and accumulated, which in turn is then introduced into a gentle pulsating field with special frequency patterns.

“roll of money effect” and mobile communications

When exposed to cell phone radiation, our red blood cells clump together into cylinder-like structures that look like stacked coins. dr Hans-Joachim Petersohn, a German physician, discovered this effect in the late 1990s. From then on, this effect became known as the roulette wheel effect. When we make calls with our smartphone or use apps, this effect can be observed after a few minutes under a dark field microscope. When the blood cells clump together, the blood is viscous and, depending on the health of the person, could clog the capillaries and constrictions much more easily. Because the surface area of ​​the blood cells is reduced, less oxygen can be transported to the body cells. This can lead to cardiovascular problems and also to tiredness and lack of concentration. (Hutter et al. 2002)

But what is even more important is the fact that the potential customer, when he comes to a provider's website, can often no longer make an objective decision . He is 100% under the influence of the provider, who only focuses on his own products .

money roll effect

Occurs when we make calls with our smartphones or are near a W-Lan router

No roll of money effect with the CHI mobile

Using the CHI-Mobile, the roulette effect is eliminated.

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