Background knowledge on how the EMF balancing sticker works

The EMF Balancing Cell Phone Sticker

How does the EMF protection sticker work?

The spin behavior is harmonized. The polarity of artificial and high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) becomes more compatible with the BIO organism. The measurements carried out with the EEG show this very impressively

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The investigations illustrate that the brain generates different electromagnetic oscillations depending on the activity carried out. These can be measured on the head and spread from there. Every single brain activity suddenly changes the frequency of our many body cells and thus logically our entire constitution.

By using the EMF Balancing Protection sticker, the EMF effects such as chronic headaches, lack of concentration or severe tiredness can be balanced out, since the oscillations of the high-frequency EMF radiation are positively changed and rotated in the direction of the clockwise torus behavior of the longitudinal waves.

The EMF balancing protection sticker also provides noticeable protection against the stresses of 5G radiation. The observed loss of BIO cell activity with this radiation is around 25% after a few minutes of telephoning (Prof.Dr.Dartsch). The EMF Balancing protection sticker offers significant protection here.

But what is even more important is the fact that the potential customer, when he comes to a provider's website, can often no longer make an objective decision . He is 100% under the influence of the provider, who only focuses on his own products .

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