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Why protection against electrosmog?

Why protection against electrosmog?

Technical developments experience an ever faster cycle of innovations.
New smartphone models come onto the market every year. laptops, cars, smart homes,
everything is produced in ever shorter cycles. Since all these developments work with the supply of electricity and via radio, we don't have to think long about the fact that high-frequency fields (electrosmog) are also generated.
These electromagnetic fields affect the human body and have destructive consequences for all organs and processes in the body.

But above all, our body cells suffer from the influence of electrosmog . If we are exposed to radiation in the form of cellphone or W-LAN radiation and our body cells are weakened as a result, the ability of the body cells to regenerate suffers and we no longer recover as quickly.
The consequences are :

• Headache
• Sleep disorders
• Lack of concentration
• Irritability
• Negative potential for conflict
• tiredness
• Long-term depression
• Lack of motivation
• etc

Scientific studies have confirmed this for years . However, one searches in vain for a rethinking in society. Personally, I very often see people carrying their smartphones in their breast pocket on the side of their heart when they are out and about. You don't have to think twice to conclude that this has health consequences.

If we want to continue to lead a modern life, we cannot completely escape the ever-increasing radiation, that's for sure. However, with a suitable radiation protection solution, we can significantly reduce the burden on the human body and the health consequences.