What is electrosmog?

Was ist Elektrosmog? aalance

The word "electrosmog" is a synonym for low-frequency and high-frequency magnetic fields.

Colloquially, it is the expression for the everyday stresses on people and the environment caused by technically generated (artificial) electric magnetic fields. Fire and lightning also count as natural electromagnetic radiation.

Was ist Elektrosmog? aalance

Natural Magnetic Fields

Present in the form of thermal radiation, ionizing radiation and light, i.e. in the very high frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The best-known form here is our sun. There is also the earth's magnetic field, which is static and surrounds the earth from the south pole to the north pole. The earth's magnetic field is the strongest magnetic field to which humans are permanently exposed. But there are also electric fields on earth. These occur mainly in the middle of the ground and very high layers of the atmosphere (ionosphere 70 km altitude) and are mainly created by the radiation of the sun and the solar wind. This created a static electric field over our earth's surface.

Artificial magnetic fields

Artificially generated magnetic fields are created when electricity is used. Wherever electricity flows, a magnetic field is created. A static magnetic field forms with direct current. If alternating current flows instead of direct current, an alternating magnetic field is created. Here, too, we have to distinguish between low-frequency fields, intermediate-frequency fields and high-frequency fields.

Low-frequency fields:

Low-frequency fields emanate primarily from 50-Hz magnetic fields, power cables installed in and exposed to walls, and electrical equipment running on mains current. Low-frequency fields affect almost all household appliances.


intermediate frequency fields:

Magnetic fields in the intermediate frequency range are used in the living environment, e.g. B. caused by the operation of wireless charging stations, energy-saving lamps, computer screens & smart TVs, induction hobs and other controlled electronic devices.

High frequency fields:

In the living environment, high-frequency fields are created by transmitters from various wireless radio applications. Nowadays, when the trend is increasingly towards wireless radio applications, we find this type of device in many households that produces high-frequency fields: DECT cordless telephones and their base stations, baby monitors, W-LAN routers and their users: tablet PCs, laptops , smartphones and Bluetooth devices: wireless jukeboxes, headsets, etc. Smartphones and baby monitors sometimes transmit the strongest high-frequency fields.

Which fields burden people?

Natural magnetic fields as described above are harmless to humans as long as we don't overdo it. Artificially generated magnetic fields have an increased risk to humans, as they penetrate the body and negatively affect important processes in the body. Although there are limit values, these only refer to the heating of human body tissue. What is not considered are the effects on body cells, damage to human DNA and also brain activity with the important blood-brain barrier, which becomes permeable to toxic toxins under the influence of artificially generated magnetic fields.

Why protection against electrosmog?

Technical developments experience an ever faster cycle of innovations.
New smartphone models come onto the market every year. laptops, cars, smart homes,
everything is produced in ever shorter cycles. Since all these developments work with the supply of electricity and via radio, we don't have to think long about the fact that high-frequency fields (electrosmog) are also generated.
These electromagnetic fields affect the human body and have destructive consequences for all organs and processes in the body.

But above all, our body cells suffer from the influence of electrosmog . If we are exposed to radiation in the form of cellphone or W-LAN radiation and our body cells are weakened as a result, the ability of the body cells to regenerate suffers and we no longer recover as quickly.
The consequences are :

• Headache
• Sleep disorders
• Lack of concentration
• Irritability
• Negative potential for conflict
• tiredness
• Long-term depression
• Lack of motivation
• etc

Scientific studies have confirmed this for years . However, one searches in vain for a rethinking in society. Personally, I very often see people carrying their smartphones in their breast pocket on the side of their heart when they are out and about. You don't have to think twice to conclude that this has health consequences.

If we want to continue to lead a modern life, we cannot completely escape the ever-increasing radiation, that's for sure. However, with a suitable radiation protection solution, we can significantly reduce the burden on the human body and the health consequences.

Which radiation protection solution makes the most sense for me and my situation?

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