Waveguard has existed since 2008, founded by Hagen Thiers, with the aim of reducing and harmonizing the electromagnetic radiation in the lives of numerous people and accelerating the regeneration of cell healing. In order to get closer to this goal, he developed prototypes, tested their effectiveness and continuously optimized them. The Qi devices, which are enjoying a growing international audience, are assembled by hand from the best materials and are Made in Germany.

Electrosmog shielding for every environment

Protection against electrosmog has never been as important as it is today. Today's smartphones emit more and more radiation, and more and more W-LAN hotspots are being installed in public places by mobile phone providers. This environment of electromagnetic radiation puts our cells under oxidative stress. Causes are often insomnia, lack of energy or headaches.

Movement, breathing exercises or even yoga are an important part of a balanced life. In addition, especially in the current time, we should also make sure to reduce the reduction of EMF, which promotes the regeneration of our body and reduces stress. Waveguard's Qi technology can have a supportive and harmonizing effect with the help of natural light frequencies.


Katrin Mögel has been a licensed naturopath since 1999 and has had her own naturopathic practice in Dorfhain/Saxony for a long time. She reports in detail about her own experiences with the Qi devices and the detection method of dark field microscopy.

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