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The reason aalance exists

I brought aalance into being because I noticed that among the many offers in the field of "electrosmog shielding" there are many providers on the market who sell the searcher with apparent promises that do not correspond to reality .

But what is even more important is the fact that the potential customer, when he comes to a provider's website, can often no longer make an objective decision . He is 100% under the influence of the provider, who only focuses on his own products .

  • Unprecedented

    This concept is unique worldwide and makes aalance an important building block for customers who face the challenge of finding a suitable solution for reducing the ubiquitous burden of electrosmog .

    You can also imagine it like this:

    "aalance is the security checkpoint at the airport, so only those with a valid ticket and clean luggage are allowed to board the plane"

    And that's exactly why you've come to the right place. Because our passengers have passed the security check and are allowed to take off. aalance gives you back the control to form your own opinion so that you can feel confident that you have made the right product selection .

  • Independent advice

    If you are not sure about the selection , which can certainly happen because the topic can be very complex for one or the other, I offer individual product advice .

    Non-binding and free of charge . I will answer all your questions , take you by the hand and together we will find out which product actually suits you .

  • Crystal clear

    aalance makes the difference here. You move in a neutral environment without the influence of the manufacturer and can get your own picture of each provider in advance.

    You then decide objectively according to your ideas whether and why it should be exactly this product. Every brand that is offered on aalance is presented to you transparently , from the point of view of the technology and the lived values ​​as well as the way the products work .

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According to which criteria I select the manufacturers:

- The products have been used successfully by myself
- There is a personal relationship with the owner of the company
- The effectiveness of the products can be proven by studies
- Company and its products have existed for at least 10 years
- Sustainable production in harmony with people and nature
- The origin of the materials used is traceable
-Made in Europe

Which people can aalance help?

aalance was created for people who are aware of the consequences of too much electrosmog . But also for people who are coming into contact with this topic for the first time or who have heard about it before and who are not fundamentally closed .

Perhaps you have often had the same experience as me , that people gave you strange looks when you spoke to someone in your circle of friends or at work about this topic.

Reactions from people who are not open about this topic:

- A defensive attitude
- Made fun of
- Declared insane
- Reference to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection

If you've faced a reaction like this before, you've come to the right place, and aalance can bring you great value.

Why protection against electrosmog?

Technical developments experience an ever faster cycle of innovations.
New smartphone models come onto the market every year. laptops, cars, smart homes,
everything is produced in ever shorter cycles. Since all these developments work with the supply of electricity and via radio, we don't have to think long about the fact that high-frequency fields (electrosmog) are also generated.
These electromagnetic fields affect the human body and have destructive consequences for all organs and processes in the body.

But above all, our body cells suffer from the influence of electrosmog . If we are exposed to radiation in the form of cellphone or W-LAN radiation and our body cells are weakened as a result, the ability of the body cells to regenerate suffers and we no longer recover as quickly.
The consequences are :

• Headache
• Sleep disorders
• Lack of concentration
• Irritability
• Negative potential for conflict
• tiredness
• Long-term depression
• Lack of motivation
• etc

Scientific studies have confirmed this for years . However, one searches in vain for a rethinking in society. Personally, I very often see people carrying their smartphones in their breast pocket on the side of their heart when they are out and about. You don't have to think twice to conclude that this has health consequences.

If we want to continue to lead a modern life, we cannot completely escape the ever-increasing radiation, that's for sure. However, with a suitable radiation protection solution, we can significantly reduce the burden on the human body and the health consequences.

Which radiation protection solution makes the most sense for me and my situation?

To find out, I offer individual product advice. Find out now which radiation protection solution you need!

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