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CHI mobile

CHI mobile

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Practical and robust
You can carry the CHI-Mobile in your jacket pocket or handbag, place it in the car shelf or simply hang it discreetly around the back of a chair in the fabric bag provided.

The CHI-Mobil permanently builds a protective cocoon with a spherical diameter of about 4 meters and supplies our body with fresh life energy (bio-photons/chi). Optimized with additional frequency patterns for biological balancing of 5G radiation. see Protection against 5G

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E-smog protection on the go

The effects of electromagnetic radiation are constantly increasing, regardless of whether it is WiFi hot spots, smartphones or the express train, we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation.

Safe and protected through everyday life with the CHI-Mobile. A practical all-rounder, slightly compact and with a concentrated effect. Protect yourself on the go in a clever way against the effects of electromagnetic radiation, which is very strong in department stores or at the train station, for example.

The CHI-Mobil was developed using quantum-physical methods and has a ceramic plate installed inside, which noticeably harmonizes the effect of the electromagnetic fields, and thus builds up a spherical 4 meter diameter. The CHI-Mobile is also well suited for working from home, for example by placing it next to your laptop, so you don't tire as quickly.

The CHI mobile requires no electricity or batteries - is maintenance-free and comes with a 5-year functional guarantee.

Size 6.2 x 4.5 x 3.0 cm (L/W/H) Weight: 66 g

With the EMF Balancing mobile phone protection you are on the safe side. The mobile phone protection sticker offers noticeable protection against the electromagnetic rays that arise when using the smartphone and harmonizes the polarity of artificial, high-frequency, electromagnetic fields (EMF) and makes them more compatible for our bio-organism. We generally recommend deactivating all applications such as Bluetooth, W-LAN or the location function of your smartphone when making calls.

Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 cm

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“roll of money effect” and mobile communications

When exposed to cell phone radiation, our red blood cells clump together into cylinder-like structures that look like stacked coins. dr Hans-Joachim Petersohn, a German physician, discovered this effect in the late 1990s. From then on, this effect became known as the roulette wheel effect. When we make calls with our smartphone or use apps, this effect can be observed after a few minutes under a dark field microscope. When the blood cells clump together, the blood is viscous and, depending on the health of the person, could clog the capillaries and constrictions much more easily. Because the surface area of ​​the blood cells is reduced, less oxygen can be transported to the body cells. This can lead to cardiovascular problems and also to tiredness and lack of concentration. (Hutter et al. 2002)


money roll effect

Occurs when we make calls with our smartphones or are near a W-Lan router


No roll of money effect with the CHI mobile

Using the CHI-Mobile, the roulette effect is eliminated.

Your benefits at a glance:

✓Made in Germany

✓ Relaxed travelling

✓ 5G optimized

✓ No maintenance, no wear.

✓ 5 year functional guarantee

The ideal companion in everyday life

Whether in the jacket pocket, in the handbag or simply in the shelf of your car, the CHI mobile is your faithful companion when travelling. Discreetly housed in the cloth pouch provided, the CHI-Mobile is extremely unobtrusive while protecting you from the effects of the electromagnetic fields that surround us every day. When using the CHI-Mobile, it quickly builds up a protective radius of 4 meters and supplies the human body with fresh life energy (BIO photons). It improves the regenerative power and we feel more relaxed and efficient. The CHI-Mobil is optimized with additional frequency patterns to balance the 5G radiation.

The CHI-Mobil unfolds its powerful effect above all in electrosmog-polluted environments such as e.g. B.

✓ Fast trains with W-LAN compartment

✓ Buses

✓ Department stores

✓ Electric cars

✓ airplanes

✓ Airports

✓ Discotheques

✓ Cinemas

✓ Schools

✓ Office workplace

✓ Data centers

Collapsible content

What material is the CHI mobile made of?

The housing is made of polystyrene.

Does the chi-mobil also work in a backpack or should it be lying around?

The CHI-Mobile also works in a backpack or pocket. You can also use the pouch provided.

Can I also take the CHI-Mobile on the plane?

The CHI-Mobile can easily be carried on the plane.

How long does the CHI-Mobil last?

How long does the CHI-Mobil last?

Does it also protect against 5G?

On the part of CHI technology, we expect a significant reduction in the extreme biological burdens associated with 5G.

Does the CHI-Mobil only protect against electrosmog or does the body also receive positive life energy?

Among other things, the CHI-Mobil supplies the body with positive life energy (CHI). The user feels less exhausted and the body regenerates faster.

Is cell phone reception affected?

Cell phone reception is not disturbed.

Does the CHI-Mobil need an adjustment period?

No, the CHI-Mobil works permanently.