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CHI power plug

CHI power plug

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The CHI power plug is an innovative development that adopts the findings of quantum field theory and scalar wave research.
Inside the plug there is a ceramic carrier field with a quantum-physical effect. The principle of action is based on “coherent spin alignment”.
The CHI power plug is optimized with additional frequency patterns for biological balancing and resonance defense against 5G radiation.

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Clear room atmosphere

It is no longer a secret that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is constantly increasing. These effects are particularly evident in densely populated cities, where there are particularly large numbers of mobile phone masts.

The CHI power plug has been constantly improved over the years, bringing you a comfortable and clear atmosphere in your home. Plug the CHI mains plug into a central socket, for example in your living room (no power strip). Due to the ceramic carrier field, which is located in the housing of the CHI power plug, the electromagnetic fields in the power line and the devices connected to it are harmonized in a very careful way.

Many people who use the CHI power plug over a longer period of time report an improved mood and a more pleasant climate in their four walls. The CHI mains plug can be used very well for an area of ​​110 square meters and is supplied with a 5-year functional guarantee. Invest in your well-being too and treat yourself to a bit more quality of life with the CHI power plug.

With the EMF Balancing mobile phone protection you are on the safe side. The mobile phone protection sticker offers noticeable protection against the electromagnetic rays that arise when using the smartphone and harmonizes the polarity of artificial, high-frequency, electromagnetic fields (EMF) and makes them more compatible for our bio-organism. We generally recommend deactivating all applications such as Bluetooth, W-LAN or the location function of your smartphone when making calls.

Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 cm

Less electrical stress - more relaxed living

Wie funktioniert die CHI-Technologie aalance

How does the CHI power plug work?

Protons and electrons not only have energy and mass, they also cause vibrations. These vibrations develop as a result of the rotation around its own axis (spin) and the respective "staggering radius". Just as the earth does not clearly rotate around its own axis, but is unstable in all of its movements and processes, so too do the earth "stagger". smallest parts in the form of a double cone (precession).

In our circuit, the protons and electrons oscillate in a completely chaotic, disorderly manner and with a very high charge. This increases as more devices are connected to the circuit. This then leads to the vibration emitted to the environment being intense and inharmonious (electrosmog). As a result, counterclockwise torsion springs (eddy currents) develop. When these chaotic vibrations affect the BIO system, the body fights back with stress symptoms - these stress symptoms can vary depending on how sensitive someone is to these vibrations. Animals and plants react to electrosmog. The water in the body cells is the “receptive medium”, because water is highly sensitive and has the capacity to be stored.

The CHI power plug ensures that the rotating protons and electrons interact with its waves. The spins then align themselves in the copper cable according to the given direction, which the CHI power plug initiates. At the same time, the "staggering movement" of all particles is reduced. The result is "coherent spin alignment". Destructive vibrations are reversed and a harmonious clockwise vibratory field is created.

Like dominoes, the “coherent spin alignment” is imparted to the other rotating particles in the circuit and to the devices that are connected by magnetic coupling. The electromagnetic fields are then neutralized in their effect on biological systems. The functionality of the devices connected to the circuit remain unaffected or even improve because the interference potential (transients) are neutralized.

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Your benefits at a glance:

✓Made in Germany

✓ Clear room atmosphere

✓ 5G optimized

✓ No maintenance, no wear.

✓ 5 year functional guarantee

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Is the introduction to the circuit safe?

Yes, the CHI power plug is CE approved and 100% safe.

Can I plug the CHI power cord into a power strip?

This is not recommended, it is best to use a central wall socket.

Are side effects known?

Some clients living in high radiation environments report initial nervousness. However, this usually subsides within a short period of time. The reason is the reorganization and harmonization of interference fields.

Does the CHI power plug protect against mobile phone radiation?

Cell phone radiation and W-LAN radiation are also harmonized in the vicinity of the CHI power plug.

Am I also protected from smart meter radiation?

The CHI mains plug harmonises and suppresses rooms and circuits, thus also noticeably reducing the destructive effect of smart meters.

Can I use the CHI power plug in my bedroom?

You can use the CHI power plug in your bedroom. The bed should be 2 meters away from the socket.

Can I use the CHI power plug in other countries such as E.g. use USA or Great Britain?

The CHI power plug can be used with an adapter in other power grids (USA, Switzerland, GB) without any problems.

How long does the CHI power plug last?

5 years. After that, you can send it in for review.

Is the Chi power connector effective at 5G?

On the part of CHI technology, we expect a significant reduction in the extreme biological burdens associated with 5G.

Does the CHI power plug need an adjustment period?

Depending on the level of radiation exposure in the area, the CHI power plug requires 7 to 14 days to get used to it.