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QI shield

QI shield

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The Qi-Shield is an all-rounder through and through. Thanks to its low weight and small dimensions, it can be used both mobile and stationary, and protects you from the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the go.

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Electrosmog shielding for every environment

Protection against electrosmog has never been as important as it is today. Today's smartphones emit more and more radiation, and more and more W-LAN hotspots are being installed in public places by mobile phone providers. This environment of electromagnetic radiation puts our cells under oxidative stress. Causes are often insomnia, lack of energy or headaches.

Movement, breathing exercises or even yoga are an important part of a balanced life. In addition, especially in the current time, we should also make sure to reduce the reduction of EMF, which promotes the regeneration of our body and reduces stress. Waveguard's Qi technology can have a supportive and harmonizing effect with the help of natural light frequencies.

The Qi-Shield - the all-rounder for every situation

The Qi-Shield is an all-rounder through and through. Thanks to its low weight and small dimensions, it can be used both mobile and stationary.


If you use the Qi-Shield when travelling, you can easily carry it with you in your backpack or in the center console of your car.
Keep a minimum distance of 25 cm from electrical devices or power lines. You don't have to do anything else. The product works independently and at any time.

The Qi-Shield does not require a socket and is fully functional in about 1 minute. The lifespan of a Qi-Shield is about 5 years. You can then have your device checked and it will be regenerated if necessary.

According to TÜV Rheinland, the Qi-Shield is safe and harmless for adults, children and pets.

Original copper case/nickel-plated/gold-plated and oiled walnut

Handmade from Germany Saxony




Katrin Mögel has been a licensed naturopath since 1999 and has had her own naturopathic practice in Dorfhain/Saxony for a long time. She reports in detail about her own experiences with the Qi devices and the detection method of dark field microscopy.

Your benefits at a glance:

✓Made in Germany

✓ EMF protection: high frequency

✓ 5G optimized

✓ Mobile and stationary use

✓ 5 year functional guarantee

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Where is the best place for my stationary Qi device?

It is best to place your Qi device in a central location, e.g. B. the living room. In this way, the full potential of the field of activity is unfolded.

Does the Qi device have to be kept at a distance from walls or the like?

Your Qi device should be at least 50 cm away from all sockets and electrical devices. Make sure that your Qi device has 30 cm of space above the ceiling or furniture.

How should I use the Qi mobile devices?

The Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile should be carried as close to the body as possible. The jacket pocket, the backpack or the center console of your car are particularly suitable for this.

Are other people in the area also being positively influenced?

The field of action of your Qi device protects you and all other living beings from the stresses of electromagnetic radiation. This is also shown by the studies carried out.

How long does it take to set up the field of activity?

The Qi-Home Cell usually needs 12 hours to build up the effective field. With the Qi-Max it is 24 hours. The Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile only need about 1 minute.

How many years is the lifespan of the Qi devices?

The Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile have a service life of approx. 5 years. With the Qi-Max and Qi-Home Cell it is about 8 years.

What do I do if the effect wears off?

If you have the feeling that your Qi device is no longer working optimally, please contact us. Your Qi device will be checked, then regenerated free of charge!

Can I measure the effect of the Qi devices myself?

The Qi devices are tested by measuring the field strengths. Special measuring equipment and a radiation-free room are used for this purpose. You can send in your Qi device for inspection at any time.